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Networking is about making connections for the purposes of employment or career development. These connections may come in many forms, from many different places. Such as a URL dropped into a mailbox, or an acquaintance with an employment tip. Every networking connection is like a linking button on a career web page that you can go back to. Each button leading to another and another, providing contact resources that will not only stimulate growth in the career field, but keep it interesting at the same time.

Personal communication skills are very important in effective networking. You must be able to identify cues, which will provide insight to important issues, such as the tone of a conversation, similar interests and concerns, availability of job opportunities and specific graphic design needs.

Along with general Networking, this web page will represent three specific areas:





Headhunters, job finders, temporary agencies, these types of companies can be found in every city. Many graphic designers take advantage of them. If the individual is new to an area, or needs employment immediately, it may be the best route. It is also an excellent way to see the organization of many different types of businesses in any given area.

Some graphic design employment agencies for review are:

Mac Temps


Art Squad

Creative Network Systems


Clubs and organizations are vital to career development. They will provide not only employment opportunities, but also awareness of trends and climate of the field. Many clubs depend on dues for support, while others on charity or commissioned work. It is very important that the student take advantage of their status, as most clubs and organizations offer student memberships at a considerable discount.

Clubs and organizations in the graphic design field to review are:

American Institute of Graphic Art

Graphic Artists Guild

American Association of Advertising Agencies

Chamber of Commerce

All cities have a chamber of commerce, which is made up of diverse companies within the community. Local banks would be able to provide information on monthly meetings. This kind of organization provides unique situations for graphic designers, because the graphic arts field is usually not represented and opportunities for employment, especially freelance, are quite good.


Journals and magazines are important to the graphic designer for many reasons. They may provide the designer with employment opportunities, as well as, leads on local or national competitions which in-turn could provide life changing exposure and recognition. In the field of graphic design it is vital that the designer stay exposed to trends and styles in the marketplace. Journals and magazines can be that creative resource, but they can be much more. By providing current information on legal and ethical practices in the field, they can help protect the graphic designer and their work.

Some magazines in the graphic design field to review are:

CMYK Magazine

(Featuring student work from around the nation)

Communication Arts

FontSite Magazine

Graphis Magazine

This social navigation web page was created by Bill Lynch an instructor in the

School of Design at the Art Institute of Houston